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Time in nature adds years to your life

Despite exercising less often and eating less fruit and veg, the Swiss live, on average, 2.3 years longer* than the Brits and as many as a fifth (19.8%) spend none of their spare time outside either. Our secret? Spending more time in nature.

At Dr.Dünner we recently conducted a survey of 1,000 UK adults against 1,000 Swiss, to compare the health and lifestyle habits in each region. The most significant difference was that 70% of the Swiss enjoy spending time in nature, compared to just 58% of Brits. Rather surprisingly too, we discovered that nearly three quarters of Brits (70%) elect to spend none of their working hours outdoors, and as many as a fifth spend none of their spare time outside either.

Additionally, despite 67% of Brits agreeing that regular exercise is key to living a longer life, only 24% of people exercise less than 5 times per month (once per week).

In Switzerland we have the Alps, beautiful lakes and idyllic scenery so it’s unsurprising that we like to spend so much time in nature and have such a high appreciation for it.  The essence of this Swiss attitude to nature is something Dr.Dünner has been putting into practice for over 70 years.

The hectic nature of modern life can at times prove all-consuming and lifestyle choices such as a reluctance to embrace the great outdoors can have a direct impact on health and stress levels. It is important to take time away from our hectic lifestyles to reinvigorate the body and mind. This is something that can be easily remedied through time spent in nature and further supported by herbal supplements that capture the essence of the natural world in promoting health and wellness.

Our herbal health products are developed in line with the science-based principles of phytotherapy, which taps into the health-giving properties of plants and herbs. Many of the plants and herbs in our products are sourced right here in Switzerland. Since 1948, Dr.Dünner has been harnessing the healing properties of organic plants from our home in the alpine Entlebuch, while sourcing the best herbal ingredients from all over the world. We combine these by hand to create optimal blends that support us in our daily lives to provide a fresh approach to natural health.

Despite the more alarming statistics of our recent survey, when comparing overall survey figures, Dr.Dünner established that the UK often still come out on top in their general attitudes to health and lifestyle. They get their five a day more often, drink more water and even do more exercise.

With the recent introduction of the Phytovitality brand in the UK, perhaps Brits can now take advantage of some of the Swiss secrets to a long life too!

Dr.Dünner’s Phytovitality product range is now available to purchase in health stores and online at

* According to World Health Organisation data